RWCollins Publishing

Randy has published works spanning over the last 3 decades ranging from poetry through short stories and technical manuals.  During college at Southwestern Oregon Community College, he was a Copy Editor of his college newspaper, Assistant Editor, Associate Editor and finally Editor of the Literary Magazine, The Beacon.  This site is intended to promote his current works along with others he finds interest in.  He has taken on the upcoming project of R. Roderick Rowe (survivalist meets gay coming of age genre), scheduled for initial presentation early in 2016.  There is currently one other author who he is considering adding to his portfolio in the Romance genre.  He also has over 26 years experience operating and supervising power plants.  He started his power plant career as a Nuclear Machinist's Mate, serving aboard the USS Norfolk (SSN-714) before moving to a plant operator position at the University of Oregon where he was later promoted to Utilities Operations Supervisor.  He holds the designation of Certified Plant Engineer.  He wrote the Power Plant Primer while training new operators in the plant over a period of 5 years.  The University of Oregon published the work in 2014.  

Randy has since left the University of Oregon and is currently owner of the commercial fishing vessel F/V Ceres. He is fishing through the season and writing and publishing during the winter months.  He is currently working to finish the second novel in the Paradigm Lost series.