Jamari is going to be a Night Studies Mentor! This after only a few weeks as a student himself.

Shane, Jamari's mentor, will teach him the skills of eros during the afternoons and Jamari will pass those skills along to his own trainee at night. The perfect arrangement for an eighteen year old guy! Except for the Rule of Attachment:


Jamari knows he's falling in love with Shane, forbidden or not. And when Shane offers to look for a different mentor for him, he realizes he has to keep his feelings in check. Then, as if his life is not complicated enough, in walks a handsome, young trainee that has Jamari reeling.

Can Jamari keep up the pace? Can he hold back from violating one of the Elk Creek Tribe's most emphasized rules? Will he get to be mentor to the young man he finds most alluring?

Follow Jamari as he takes on The Night Studies!.

Shane shows Jamari the power of sexual fetishes and convinces Jamari that, yes, he does have sexual triggers that really are fetishes. Since this discussion and the related demonstrations have left them both ready to burst, Shane agrees to Jamari's advances and they share an afternoon of loving in the best of eros times.

Lesson Four

Gaius is a sultry young man with curly blond hair that's darker at the roots, hazel eyes under dark brows, and lashes that reach out to heaven. During their first day as a group, they enjoy a session of rugby together. Gaius isn't leaving anything to chance and he lets Jamari feel his interest when they're at the bottom of a scrum. The encounter builds from there as all fourteen young men clean up in the showers and start their first pairings under steamy streams with soapy skin and rising interests! Later in Gaius' room, Jamari explores a wonderful new body and begins to learn of his own attraction in the embrace of another young man.

Lesson Two

Jamari and Shane share a lunch with two other young men as Jamari's anticipation builds. In just a few minutes he'll be alone with his mentor and they'll get to share yet another love-making session. Only this time Jamari must climax while receiving his lover's desire. This is a new direction for Jamari who has always concentrated on giving his partners their pleasure and then reaching satisfaction later. What will it be like to reach orgasm with his lover deeply embedded inside him? 

Anticipation has his erection tenting his pants all through the lunch and they have to wait until everyone else clears out before their walk down the halls to Jamari's room. There Jamari learns the power of the prostrate and he'll never be the same! 

Shane teaches Jamari the art and joy of foreplay. Kisses, massages, close body contact and a new way to enter a lover bring Jamari even more into love with his mentor.

Lesson One

The Young Men's Hall at Milltown Village needs more Night Studies Mentors. The Hearth Leaders are deciding whether to call on young Jamari to fill one of those roles. First, though, he must be able to do something he's never done before as a young man of the Elk Creek Tribe. He must be able to climax while receiving another male. He has full confidence that, with his mentor, Shane, he'll be able to reach this goal. But will he?

This first chapter is free so readers can get a chance to know the main characters before diving into Eros Times!

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Lesson Three

The seven mentors gather to welcome seven new young men into the Elk Creek Young Men's Hall. Jamari gets a look at and learns something about each of the new trainees. They're all looking forward to seven nights, each night with a different attractive young man.

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Spirit Dream of The Stagman is a detailing of Jamari's first vision-dream into the Other Worlds. Here he encounters a mythical character who takes a shine to the other-worldly version of Jamari.

Mythical seduction combines with shamanic vision as Jamari revels in this new eros encounter.