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Paradigm Lost: The Founder's Sons

‚ÄčThe climactic conclusion to the Jamari and the Manhood Rites Trilogy

Jamari Shaman continues his growth as a man and as a shaman in The Founder's Sons, learning much more about the communities surrounding the Elk Creek Tribe lands. He begins to develop strange and frightening skills in the shamanistic arts and is joined by surprise companions and assistants. Still mentored by the formidable Knight Shaman, Jamari enters into the deepest realms of the Spirit World, putting life and soul at risk. The stakes are higher than ever as evil corporations from out of state are seeking ownership of tribal lands. War encroaches when the corporations decide to forgo the legal battles and The Tribe must decide whether to retreat or risk extinction. Jamari Shaman fights and worries his way through a myriad of challenges, never just one at at time in this stunning conclusion. Does Jamari emerge from the Manhood Rites as a full citizen? Does he hold himself and his internal values true in the process?